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In an age of bling, smart phones and insta everything, we yearn wistfully for when the days were longer, life was simpler and a Sunday picnic in the park spelt happiness...

Where has the laughter gone?

Shrill and loud, the idiot box reminds us of the grim times we live in; congested and potholed roads add to the unpleasantness of merely getting around the city; and soulless expanses of brick and mortar have replaced the bustling markets and grassy parks where we unwound, got together and went, to just be...

And while the dawn of a new age has enabled us to do more with a click of a button than ever before...that we are 'social' beings and that we all need a 'space' to find ourselves rings true now more than ever before, too.

It is this belief, and a firm conviction that the pursuit of purpose, meaning and happiness is a worthy endeavour, that inspired the birth of a new idea.

An idea that took shape and form with the vision of a timeless Bengaluru, as the city grew mindlessly all around.

An idea that is at the same time a place, and a reflection of the ambition of Bengaluru - it's glorious past, and it's potentially bright future; a place on the edge, where time slows down so you can soak in the experience, savour the moment and breathe easy...a place which is joyful, happy, and that adds meaning to the everyday life...

Welcome to a place inspired by the idea of Bengaluru, inspired by the communities that make it unique, inspired by the heritage that gives it character...and inspired by the people of Bengaluru who make it positively different!

We are Bengaluru. VR Bengaluru.

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