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My Money seva is unique platform and anyone in the world can use it through phones, web, WAP as well as SMS. “Jewria” helps sellers to improve the efficiency of their marketing channels and provides right information of products and services to the buyers. The top platform provides information tailored to your interests by combining the items in one result page for your query.

The platform Jewria provides information and services related to travel, hospitality, property, pharmaceuticals, clinical trials, software, hardware, packaging industries and more.

The leading local search brand in India has large customer base, nationwide coverage, highly scalable platform, excellent track record in user experience, high customer satisfaction, modern infrastructure, updated technology and experienced management team.

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Jewria Service Club has platform in Australia, UK, USA, India and soon will be launching in UAE, Canada, Germany, Singapore and Africa.

We continue to update the technology in order to provide fast and accurate services that anyone can access while searching for information.

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