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A Self Thought Photographer who Started Photography at The Age of 13. Dharma Chandru is one of The Respected Names in Indian Photography Industry. He has got An Elusive Eye to Capture Rare Genres with a Keen Eye to Showcase them Beautifully. Excels in Many Genres of Photography Including Underwater but the heart lies on Portraits,Landscape and People Though his Expertise in Landscapes and Artistic Abstracts has Earned Laurels from Legendary Photographers and The Media. Dharma Has an Affinity to Find Unique Stories in Each Genres and Stays Distinct from Others with his Style. A Highly Educational Person who would Love to Teach Like Minded people about anything and everything related to Photography through his Workshops,Seminars,Webinars,Blogs and Social Media.

Dharma Chandru is a Brand Ambassador for Canon India & Represents a Dozen Imaging Products. A One of Its Kind Imaging Entrepreneur.

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