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Chromepet railway station is one of the railway station of the Chennai Beach–Chengelpet section of the Chennai Suburban Railway Network. It serves the neighbourhoods of Chromepet, Chitlapakkam, and surrounding areas. It is situated about 25 km from Chennai Beach, and has an elevation of 23.41 m above sea level.HistoryChromepet railway station lies on the Madras Beach—Tambaram suburban section of the Chennai Suburban Railway, which was opened to traffic on 11 May 1931. The tracks were electrified on 15 November 1931. The section was converted to 25 kV AC traction on 15 January 1967.In 1998, the railways decided to replace the level crossing at the north side of the station with a subway. In 2008, the project was re-designed as a road under bridge (RUB) with the involvement of the highways department to allow all vehicles. However, in late 2008, following objections from about 400 families residing on either side of the level crossing, the design was changed again to a limited-use subway, measuring 33 metres long, 8.3 metres wide and 3.5 metres high. On 27 February 2009, construction of the 75.5-million limited-use subway began. However, the work has been stalled due to land acquisition problems.The level crossing on the south side of the station, called "MIT Gate" was closed in January 2000 and construction of a massive ROB with four ramps on the GST road, a rotary on top and a two lane ramp extending over the tracks to the eastern side which connected with the Chitlappakam main road was commenced. After prolonged construction due to litigation by affected families, change of state government during the interim period etc., it was completed and thrown open to public in January 2006. Now known popularly as the "MIT Flyover", it serves as a vital lifeline for the populace of Nehru Nagar, Hastinapuram, Chitlapakkam and surrounding areas to easily access the GST road.

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