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A large part of the world population is tea fanatic and the largest proportion of these tea fanatics reside in Asia. In India, we like our tea STRONG enough to pull us through a frenzied day, AROMATIC enough to please our senses and WORTHY enough to be served to our esteemed guests. Anukul tea is proud to serve this premium hot beverage with all of the above mentioned qualities and much more.

Blended to perfection, Anukul Tea is sourced from the renowned tea gardens of Assam and Darjeeling and our veteran tea tasters make sure that each and every leaf that goes into production tastes like a million dollars.

Offered in the varieties of ‘Anukul Tea Premium’ and ‘Anukul Tea Red’, each selection can be had during different times of the day, depending upon your requirements and moods. While the Premium selection works excellently well in the mornings, it is also a favourite of those who prefer a homely flavour in their tea with milk and condiments. The Red range is ideal during the day and before sleep, for it is an anti-anxiety potion that protects your body in several ways and calms the mood.

Over and above, we believe that the ritual of tea drinking transcends all boundaries of class, castes, gender and religion and helps in bringing communities together. As tea producers, we do our best to keep this culture alive and flourishing..

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