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Cawnpore was an important garrison town for the East India Company forces. Located on the Grand Trunk Road, it lay on the approaches to Sindh (Sind), Punjab and Awadh (Oudh).
The name derived from Karnapur (meaning "town of Karna", one of the heroes of the Mahabharata). Another theory is that it came from the nearby town of Makanpur, earlier known as Khairabad, where the Sufi saint of the Madariya Sufi order, Badiuddin Zinda Shah Madar, settled.

Kanpur is also believed to have been founded by members of the Chandela dynasty from the state of Sachendi.[5] The city's name is believed to derive from Kanhiyapur (from the Hindi meaning "town of Kanhaiya"). During the British Raj, this was anglicised to Cawnpore.

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